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We love the power of the crowd so much, we're crowdfunding a book about crowdfunding.

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Whether you're a business-owner, serial entrepreneur or just starting out, The Social Foundation can help to explain how the meteoric rise of crowdfunding opens access to new sources of funding via new, more accessible, funding models. If you serve startups as a mentor, advisor or educator or are an investor, at a time when the economy's faltering, this is a golden opportunity to discover new ways to work with and support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurialism.

The New Frontier for Entrepreneurs & Business

Crowdfunding has exploded onto the business scene and provides a revolutionary, powerful, new tool that goes to the heart of the entrepreneurial mission and its challenges. It's changing the landscape opening up a whole new range of options for most businesses needing funding, whether it be borrowing, investment (with a whole new twist), plus a whole new kind of seed funding, never before possible.

Changing The Business Landscape Forever

The roots of crowdfunding go deep and its meteoric rise is a symptom as well as a cause. A symptom of a fundamental change in economics, business, investment and entrepreneurial culture. This latest wave of disruption, to money and finance, may be the most profound so far with pioneers seeing in it a new kind of more democratic capitalism.

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