The Social Foundation Is...

A nexus connecting people and ideas, so providing thought leadership towards a people centred economy via events, research, education and policy development

Our mission is to catalyse connections and new thinking, and to connect and support innovators, collaborations and new ventures in order to accelerate change towards an open, people centred, economy: Collaborative capitalism.

What is Collaborative Capitalism?
Corporate culture built the global economy on an industrial, factory, model with people as components and consumers a commodity.

The Internet and social media provide innovators with a hyper-connected infrastructure and the opportunity to succeed by shaping local, national and global ecosystems around people and their expressed needs, aspirations and desires - rather than serving the fiduciary demands of the corporate. Such innovation is collaborative, participative, democratic, capitalism in action.

It brings democracy to capitalism in a new more personal and meaningful way to build a new, open, sustainable economy led by citizen entrepreneurs supported and guided by citizen investor's insights and ideas, as well as their monetary contributions - including enlightened investors and institutions. All benefiting from the creativity released when people work together to build towards their dreams and aspirations.

Building a better future, led by innovators in every field who have reconnected with their moral compass and values (rather than having been required to 'leave them at the door') that is open and inclusive and so sustainable, efficient and creative. Fairer and kinder to both people and our planet.

Nurturing a new Economy
We are far from alone in believing that this is not only possible, given the disruptive and democratising nature of the new digital economy, but eminently achievable. We are committed to casting a new light, creating new insights, by bringing together, and connecting for good, those building this new economy, and those who would support them, because we are still learning the increasingly staggering value of the right connections to everyone involved. Will you join us?

The Social Foundation is a social enterprise formed by
Barry E James - Entrepreneur, Technologist and Writer
Kay Klug - Businesswoman
Jonathan James - Technologist

More About The Social Foundation

Biog: Barry E. James B.Sc (Hons)

Founder of The Social Foundation

Barry is an 'instigator'. A technologist, writer, conference chair, keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur of three decades standing who has become a leading champion and thought leader in Crowdfunding in the UK and worldwide. He employs his deep background in psychology and systems analysis to collaborate widely to architect, design and engineer new business eco-systems, most often involving Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding and cloud and mobile technologies.

He co-founded The Social Foundation, a social enterprise, in 2012 to further research, education and policy initiatives into the new, post-crash economy and 'Crowdonomics'. With The Social Foundation he created and launched 'Crowdfunding: Deep Impact', the UK's first national conference, in February 2013, which led to the formation of the highly influential Westminster Crowdfunding Forum which he helps lead.

He is an award winning innovator with technology patents granted in the UK, USA & internationally and co-founder and CEO of AngelRevolutions his cloud and mobile technology company.

A regular columnist for RealBusiness.co.uk he's a frequent speaker and visiting lecturer on Crowdfunding entrepreneurship, and innovation as well as an experienced conference chair and event creator and organiser.

He holds a degree in Psychology and Mathematics from Lancaster University and his interest also include 'disruption', the co-evolution of the Internet with society globally, citizen entrepreneurship and the move to a new, open, collaborative, economy: and collaborative capitalism.

Updated: May 2013