More About The Social Foundation


The Social Foundation's mission is to provide thought leadership towards a new, open, social economy via research, education and policy development. Especially in the areas of Crowdfunding, alternative finance, citizen entrepreneurship, citizen investing and democratic capitalism.


Major activites include

  • Education: Creating courses, conferences, events and online materials and services to inform and educate key stakeholders (including policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors and the general public) in development in the above fields
  • Policy development: Working with policymakers (including through the Westminster Crowdfunding Forum) and governments to develop policy and policy initiatives to advance the new open economy based on open social communications and advance collaborative capitalism, alternative finance, citizen entrepreneurship and citizen investing
  • Research: Research to support policy development and education as above and the key objectives outlined.
  • Creating a new body of research and educational materials and initiatives as well as providing thought leadership in this important fast changing area.


UK and international communities will benefit from the development and clarification of new concepts and ways of working as well as

  • Development of people and skills
  • Development of organisations and ventures dedicated to aligned and similar goals
  • Assistance to higher, primary, secondary and further education, by means of skills, know-how and materials related to our core mission


Communities which will benefit directly from these initiatives include

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Citizen investors
  • Higher, primary, secondary and further education institutions and their students
  • Policymakers
  • Crowdfunding and alternative finance providers

Both in the UK and internationally.

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