Crowdfunding: Deep Impact

The New Frontier for Entrepreneurs & Business

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Changing The Business Landscape Forever

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Meet the Pioneers Making It Happen

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Speakers Include...

Julie Meyer, Matthew Fell, Amanda Boyle, Barry James, Bill Morrow

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The UK's First National Crowdfunding Conference

Whether you're a business-owner, serial entrepreneur or just starting out, the Deep Impact Conference will explain how the meteoric rise of crowdfunding opens access to new sources of funding via new, more accessible, funding models. If you serve them as a mentor, advisor or educator or are an investor, at a time when the economy's faltering this is a golden opportunity to discover new ways to work with and support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurialism.

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A Landmark Conference

Tuesday 26th February 2013

Crowdfunding has already made a deep impact directly funding many thousands of businesses and startups. This is barely the start. Understanding this fundamental change, a new form of funding, will bring you new, more accessible, sources of funding and key insights into the future for entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere.

Keynotes Include

  • Julie Meyer
    Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Investor & Business Commentator
  • Matthew Fell
    Director of the CBI
  • Barry Sheerman MP
    Member of Parliament for Huddersfield
  • Simon Dixon
    Founder and CEO at BankToTheFuture.com
  • Amanda J Boyle
    Founder and CEO, Bloom VC
  • Darren Westlake
    CEO at Crowdcube Ltd
  • Daniel Rajkumar
    Rebuilding Society
  • Barry James
    Founder of the conference and columnist for RealBusiness.co.uk writing on business funding.

Crowdfunding: The New Frontier for Entrepreneurs & Business

Crowdfunding has exploded onto the business scene and provides a revolutionary, powerful, new tool that goes to the heart of the entrepreneurial mission and its challenges. It's changing the landscape opening up a whole new range of options for most businesses needing funding, whether it be borrowing, investment (with a whole new twist), plus a whole new kind of seed funding, never before possible.

Whether you're in business, starting one or supporting those who are this event will offer new tools and insights - a new palette of options for funding and developing business.

Crowdfunding: Changing The Business Landscape Forever

The roots of crowdfunding go deep and its meteoric rise is a symptom as well as a cause. A symptom of a fundamental change in economics, business, investment and entrepreneurial culture. This latest wave of disruption, to money and finance, may be the most profound so far with pioneers seeing in it a new kind of more democratic capitalism.

Whether you are an investor, an academic a coach or mentor understanding this paradigm shift for the economy will put you in pole position to provide insights and leadership to those around you.

Crowdfunding: Meet the Pioneers Making It Happen

The impact has already been massive, with thousands of businesses and startups funded, tens of thousands of investors and dozens of platform in the UK alone - an estimated 700 so far worldwide.

You will meet and hear from leading crowdfunding platform pioneers at the forefront of the revolution and share their insights into the future of crowdfunding, the economy and entrepreneurialism.

Join Us What's On

Deep Impact

The conference, which will bring together academics, investor networks and VCs with entrepreneurs and those pioneering crowdfunding, providing a new forum for an explosion of awareness for the potential uses of the models, for the growth of entrepreneurship and business.

It's the first major opportunity for thought-leaders and key players to come together and match insights to make sense of this new 'disruptive' wave of social media and the Internet, and its increasing impact on money and finance.

The implications, and potential impact, are enormous.

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