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Crowdfunding: Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

If you’re an entrepreneurs or business owner this workshop will help you to quickly and thoroughly understand how Crowdfunding can be used to raise money for a startup or existing business. You will experience the Crowdfunding process and get hands-on with a live Crowdfunding platform – so please do bring your laptop or tablet/iPad.

You will also have access to some of the leaders in the field who will be available to help you evaluate and hone your proposition and share insights into the process and how to succeed.

You will learn about

  • How to craft a winning proposition
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • How to set your Crowdfunding target
  • Resources and skills you’ll need
  • How to craft your offering, rewards etc for maximum impact
  • How to build your community of advocates, contributors and customers
  • Tips, dos and don’t

Experience and expertise is still scarce in this burgeoning area. You will learn from some of the most expert and experienced pioneers.

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Crowdfunding: Investors, Educators and Academics

Crowdfunding is changing the landscape. This latest wave of disruption, to money and finance, may be the most profound so far – or ever.

You will meet and hear from pioneers and leading thinkers with a deep insight into this new area addressing your questions including

  • What will this mean for Angel and VC investing?
  • Is it a threat, and opportunity, or both?
  • How does it differ from established investment models?
  • Why does it change the balance of power between founders and investors?
  • How will it change the investment market?
  • How big could it get?
  • Will it replace or add to established sources?
  • How accessible are CrowdInvesting, Crowdfunding (for presales) and CrowdLending?
  • What about regulation?

Whether you’re an investor, an academic a coach or mentor understanding this paradigm shift for the economy will put you in pole position to provide insights and leadership to those around you.

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Crowdfunding: Coaches, Mentors & Professional Advisors

Crowdfunding opens up new opportunities for both startups and established businesses that simply didn’t exist before as well as making others much more accessible.

This workshop has been designed to help you, as a trusted advisor, understand and exploit these new sources of funding and opportunities to help found and build businesses in new ways:

Crowdfunding via Presales or Rewards:

This is a game changer for startups and offers a new source of more accessible funding – without the need to repay capital or lose equity – for new ventures, products and services.

It also allows entrepreneurs to quickly and very efficiently test and prove a market while gathering valuable feedback as well as advocates and customers / contributors. Could it be ‘the missing link’ for seed funding?


A new source of finance that can be more accessible and immediate than Angels and VCs taking less time and effort. Investments can be achieved in unprecedented timescales (sometimes as little as a week or two). Because investors each take a smaller risk they have less involvement and the burden of preparation and due-diligence can be much lower.

This can make CrowdInvesting feasible and attractive to ventures for which more traditional investment was neither of these.


Especially suitable for established businesses, ‘borrowing without banks’ at lower rates and faster turnaround times is good news at any time but especially so in the current economic climate. Yet it’s not featured on the RADAR yet for many, but could make the difference between survival and closures for some businesses.

There’s a whole new world of finance to explore for new, startup and established businesses without which you will be missing a key dimension to supporting businesses in 2013 and beyond.

Advising Savers! Not forgetting savers who otherwise have limited options and often poor returns (or none) from traditional sources. CrowdLending has proved low risk, but has a much higher return than a deposit account and similar – typically 7% to 9%.

CrowdInvesting is also an option for savers and investors with the ability to spread risk over several investments providing a new field of options you and your clients will need to know about.

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Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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Investors, Educators and Academics

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Coaches, Mentors & Professional Advisors

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